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Trips to surroundings

Pilsner Urquell Brewery

Visit the brewery, where Pilsner Urquell and Gambrinus was born.
Excursion of the brewery will introduce you unique system of brewing of beer Pilsner Urquell. The excursion guide will lead you through a new exposition, brewhouse, bottling plant and cellars, where all visitors can taste it. www.prazdroj.cz, www.prazdrojvisit.cz

Brewery museum

Brewery museum is located in a very old medieval house, where beer was brewed in the past. It tells you a story of beer from ancient times to the beginning of first industrial breweries. There is also an interactive part for children. This museum is connected with Pilsen historical underground. www.prazdroj.cz

Square of Republic in Pilsen

It used to be one of the biggest squares in Europe in the past. It´s surrounded by all city houses. These houses were rebuilt in renaissance and baroque style, which we can see like a sign of richness of their owners. At the turn of 19th and 20th century there were were finished some public buildings for example theatre, museum, Mestanska beseda etc. Very unique is a complex of 18 houses decorated by sgrafita according to plans by Mikolas Ales, famous Czech painter.

Cathedral of St. Bartolomeus – gothic cathedral with the highest church tower in the Czech Republic (102, 6m) provides the best views to all surroundings. Pilsen Madonna is found on main altar.

Pilsen historical underground

Under the historical centre of Pilsen are found some corridors in length about 20 km. They were used for food supplies and also as a hiding place. Nowadays you can visit some corridors in length of 750 m. This excursion is connected with Brewery museum and there is an interactive part for children. The entrance is from Brewery museum, Veleslavínova street 6, Pilsen. www.plzenskepodzemi.cz

Big synagogue

The biggest synagogue in the Czech Repuplic, second biggest in Europe and the third in the world, it reminds us quite big Jewish community living here. Concerts and exhibitions take place in the interior. www.zoplzen.cz

West-Bohemian museum

This is a regional museum of Pilsen region and it´s also one of the biggest museums in the Czech Republic. You can appreciate especially collections from the City armoury containing unique shooting weapons from 14th to 17th century.

Patton Memorial Pilsen

The only museum in Bohemia which was dedicated to U.S. army. The museum was opened in honor of 60th liberation of Pilsen and south-western Bohemia by U. S. Army to November 1945.

Exposition contains some exhibits comming especially from private collections, there are mostly some parts of equipment and arms. www.americancenter.cz

ZOO Pilsen

Natural area of about 21 ha and water surfaces, arboretum, rocks and parks in the city centre. The second biggest house for bears in Europe, free natural runs for monkeys and wildcats, greenhouse of sukulents, nature trail „Evolution of nature in Quaternary period“ One of very rare animals in this zoo is a monitor Comodian, the biggest lizard of the world. Apart from zoo Lochotinsky amphitheatre is found, it´s the biggest natural amphitheatre in the Czech Republic. www.zooplzen.cz


In the compound of ZOO and botanic garden on a space of about 3 ha is found an exposition of about 30 models of dinosaurs from prehistoric period. The biggest model is Apatosaurus, it is 23 metres high and it was made on its place like the only one. Some models are completed with sound effects. There is also popular Tyronosaurus rex. There is also found a paleontologic area (playground) where can children uncover a skeleton of dinosaur. There is also a Dinoshop, Dinocafé and 3D cinema. www.dinopark.cz

Ruins of castle Radyně

Quite big ruin of gothic guarding castle on the top of Radyně mountain (576 mentres on see level – the highest in the surroundings of Pilsen) The castle was founded in 1356 by Charles IV. to protect the border and merchant tracks to Bavaria (original name of this castle was Karlskrone). It started to become a ruin from 1521. Its tower was adjusted as an observatory with perfect views in all Pilsen basin.

Castle Kozel – Šťáhlavy

Originally a hunting castle built in classicist style, built in 1784 – 1789 according to plans of V. Haberdith. It´s a simple four-wings building, in interior are found murals by A. Tuvory from 1787 – 1788. Next buildings are from 18th century (I. Palliardi), for example riding hall (expositions of work of art), a chapel (religious ceremonies, concert and ceremonial hall). Castle compound is surrounded by a large park made in English style (40 ha) from 1870 – 1890 – made by gardener F. X. France. www.zamek-kozel.eu