Extension of our services – school of skid

Publication: 18.06.2012
You can have experience with anything….invisible rime, puddle, animal crossing the road, skid on a slippery road etc. Fast and right reaction is in this moment vitally important.

SVEZENÍČKO.CZ will teach you how to react in such situations. For example in surrounding countries is common practice that after passing your driving school, the school of skid is trained, where you can try these situation without any injury.
Important is, that all participants go through particular excercices in their own vehicle. Only by this way everyone can find out how his/her car behaves in these simulated crisis situations and what is necessary to do to control it.

Safety and description

The range of access speed is from 30 km per hour to 50 km per hour, so you won´t be worried that we would damage your vehicle in some way. There is a safety zone along the sliding foil, also at the end of access, so you won´t be afraid of any crash. Sliding foil´s measures are 5 x 50 m.

Theoretical part cca 1, 5 h

  • active and passive safety
  • basic safety elements during driving the vehicle
  • issues of braking and factors influencing the lenght of braking distance
  • effect of power to the vehicle during its takeoff, braking and during the passing of a bend
  • safety instructions

Practical part 3-4 h

  • training of controlling and behaving of the vehicle in extreme conditions
  • intensive and interrupting braking in a direction of drive with turning of the wheel
  • avoiding manoeuvre – protecting against frontal clash
  • regressive braking in different speed up to the total stopping
  • controlling of a vehicle in turning over
  • skilfulness drives

    • 1,5 h theory and 3 – 4 a 3-4 h practice
    • 4-4,5 h practice with a competition of skillfulness

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