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Publication: 12.06.2012
Hummer H1 is a civil off-road vehicle, constructed on the base of HMMWV-M998, construction was subordinated to the best riding qualities of off-road conditions.

Version H1 was first constructed in 1992 as Hummer. Quite a big merit of an introduction of a civil version has Arnold Schwarzenegger, who bought 5 vehicles Hummer H1 after their introduction in market. Immortality of Hummer H1 has been given especially because of war in the Gulf, where about twenty thousand of these vehicles took part. Increasing interest of public forced company AM General for production of limited serie in amount of one thousand pieces. Despite of high price, in Detroit in 1994 a first new version Hummer H1 was introduced. It had a liquid with chilled ignition eight-cylinder 6,5 by General Motor with output which was increased of 12% from 127 kW to 145 kW and with a improved four stepped automatic gear box. As a wish, in1995 there was put an ignition eight-cylinder 5,7 of an output of 142 kW.

Hummer H1 is a vehicle with self-supporting steel bodywork with two-placed cabine, wide undercarriage and independent suspending wheels, all wheel ride and fork-shaped ignitron eight-cylinder 6.5. Pick-ups Trooper/Cargo Carrier were the most spread in the U.S. army – either with open loading space or with a sail covering eigh-placed bench. One of very popular personal version belonged especially Armament Carrier, box and loading space is covered as a complex by a composite superstructure. Hummer H1 is powered by an liquid chilled eight-cylindered turbodiesel of a capacity of 6,5 l with a direct injenction of fuel at output of 145 kW at 3400/min and revolving moment 580 N. m achieved at 1800 revs/ min.

It breaks hills with a side lean of 36 degrees, rise of 54 degrees and driving in water in depth to 75 cm with no problems.

As some technical interests could be mentioned for example central ventilating system ensuring a balance of air and outer pressure in all parts of a vehicle. Engine, gear box, rest overhang and tanks are connected by a tube, which goes to an air filter, that ensures no water in part with powering system during driving through water.

During the drive of vehicle, which has become an American legend, driver is helped by a several electronic systems for example traction system as for example traction system TT4 (torqtrac 4) monitoring spinnig of wheels and ensuring constant transmission of revolving moment on wheels at any conditions. It´s sufficient to have only one wheel standing on solid base.

Next „goody“ is a central system CTIS (Central Tire Inflation System) of pumping and draining air to each tire during the ride. After pressing a button is possible to reduce air in a tire, this can help (according to the amount of pressure) to increase their liaison surface touching ground twice.

Runflat Tire System, is also available, it enables drive with one or more empty tires up to 50 km at a speed of 48 km/h.

Contrary to a very simple interior of military version, at H1 version interior is not so single-purpose, but it´s much more comfortable for everyday use. There is for example textile upholstery, electric control of windows, air-condition or central locking.


Ignitive fork-shaped eight-cylinder chilled by a liquid
Lifting capacity: 6 473 m3
Drilling x lift: 20,2:1
Compression ratio: 315 km/h
Output: 145 kW při 3400/min
Revolving moment: 583 N.m při 3400/min

Gear box system:

Constant drive of all wheels
Four graded automatic transmission (2,48 – 1,48 – 1,00 – 0,75 – Z2,08)
Two graded constant gear of axle, TT4, ABS


Construction without frame
Independent hanging of wheels forward and back, double arm in A shape.
Disc brake forward and back (267 mm)
Spring with developped springs and telescopic dampers
System of regulation of pressure in tires during the drive

Operating qualities:

Highest speed: 105 km/h
Speeding from 0 to 100 km/h: 19,5 s

Proportions and weight:

Wheelbase of axles: 3 302 mm
Gauge of wheels forward/back: 1829/1829 mm
Total outer proportions: 4686 x 2197 x 1905 mm
Light height: 406 mm
Kerb weight: 2930 – 3198 kg
Total weight: 4672 kg
Capacity of tank of fuel : 90 l (main tank) + 65 l (additive)
Accessible angle: foreard 72°, back 37,5°
Transitional angle: 28,5°
Side lean: 36°
Rate of climb: 54°
Wading: 75 cm
Breaks rising to 54 grades
Overcomes 50 cm high vertical barrier
Manages in side lean achiving 36°
Goes through 90 cm snowdrift or ford of a depth of 0,76 m
That´s all with a load of two tuns of material and people!

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