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Hovercraft belongs to a group of most unusual vehicles what you can see. It moves on an airy cushion of pressured air, thanks to this, it overcomes small inequalities and barriers very easily.

Hovercraft moves only in air and it does not touch the ground. No matter what surface is used for its flowing. It can go on sand, asphalt also on water, in swamps and snow is not a problem as well. It belongs to a group of „amphibians“. Because the air under a hovercraft does not change, during a transfer among different surfaces (e.g. between a sand beach and water) no difference is visible. Dynamics of a hovercraft is closer to a plane than boats and cars.

Driving of a hovercraft is made by a system of helms, which are located behind the propeller. These helms are controlled by a pilot using handlebars.

Next possibility, how to adjust move of a hovercraft is a transmitting of body weight. Hovercrafts HTI also offer a patented system of driving – backward pulling. This enables driver to turn round the watercraft, flow in same place and also brake very fast, what is esential especial on ice.

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