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Porsche 911

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Basic parameters of a vehicle

Capacity of engine: 3 800 m3
Capacity of engine: 315 kW (410 hp)
Max. torque moment: 430 Nm
Max. speeding: 312 km/h
Speeding 0-100km/h: 4,1 s

PORSCHE 911 (optic GT3) is a cult car with atmospheric engine. Who hasn´t sat in Porsche as would not exist. It´s strictly a racing machine, you fall in love to it at first sight. It´s a model 997 with a capacity of engine 3.8L, which has output of engine of 410 hp.

Ferdinand Porsche (3rd Septemer 1875 Vratislavice nad Nisou (in German Maffersdorf) – 30th January 1951 Stuttgart) was a constructor of cars, famous for a construction of a popular „folk vehicle“ (Volkswagen) later known as VW Brouk. He was also a constructor of some German types of armoured vehicles. Name Porsche probably comes from Czech name „Boreš“ His son Ferry Porsche dealt with construction of cars as well. He established a car factory Porsche and constructed so-called sport vehicles.

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